Love and break go together like spells and casting, they never let go of each other that easily, love comes from the heart, love contain happens, love contains joy, love contains sacrifices, love contains commitments etc, love is the best thing every human being wants on this world. you have been apart ever since you broke up with her, you have done a lot of things to get her back in your life, you have done strong spells to help you get another chance with her,look at all that hard work you have been through to have her back, think of the pain you have been through, don`t put all that hard work to waste, don`t let her go away again from you, make her love only you, make her have eyes for you only not any other man again bind her heart in love with you, cast the binding love spell to make her yours till the time you want to let her go.

Don`t wait to go through the same pain she put you through when she left you for another man, when she left you for her ex boyfriend, when she left you for a simple misunderstanding, when she fell out of love with you, make her heart and feeling completely get filled with your love, make her love for you last forever, end any single feeling she had for another man, create a unbreakable bond between you and her, make her heart yours alone, cast the binding love spell on her and make her love you more, make her want to spend the rest of her life with you, never to have desire for any other man, give you the respect you deserve cast the binding love spell on her and make her dance on your tunes.

As you want to be in control of your relationship, you want to have a future with her you, want to have a family with her, you want to marry her, make her your wife and leave a happy life together, in a marriage or relationship filled with love, care and tender for each other, respect and support each other in good and bad times then cast the binding love spell on her and make her fully commit to you, never to leave you no matter what.

Don`t wait for her to break up with you again and think of binding her to your life, do it now, make her yours forever, never to leave you again.