Were together for 7 years, then we broke up in our 8th year. Due to some miss understandings and it was a really a bad nasty breakup. I found it so hard for me to move on and get over my ex. so I decided to purse him to give us another chance. But I am disappointed because everything i have tried has failed. I have read almost everything I get my hands on of how to get my ex back. I have followed rules, do as they say and follow every step they gave me. It all didn’t work even the no contact rule never worked for me.

I have listened to advices from different people, some are on my side and support me, others are telling me to forget about my ex and move on. Which isn’t easy for me to do? I am fighting to get my ex back, am fighting for our relationship, am not willing to give up, am not willing to let everything I worked for to vanish, am not letting our relationship go.

I want another chance with my ex, I want us to work on our relationship and make it work. I want another chance so that I do things differently this time. I really miss my ex, I can’t leave a day without a thought of my ex. my life is meaningless, my life is incomplete, I feel so hurt and broken without my ex, I feel lost and week to wake up and do something. Now how can I get my ex back? How can you help me to get my ex back? That’s why am here