We were together for almost 4 and half years. Then things started falling apart in our third year, throughout the fourth year. It was so hard because we had so many fights just like any other relationship and we went through so many patches up until we hit a dead end.

We decided to call it off, then after some time we tried to get back together and tried to work on our problems, but still we couldn’t. Then we completely ended our relationship. It was so hard on my side and it is still hard to get over my ex.

It has been two years now without my ex. I still love my ex so much and I still wish we were still together up to now, because ever since we broke up, nothing is the same in my life. Everything is not coming up together. My eyes get filled with water when I think of the good times we had together.

I can’t sleep sometimes due to memories of us that pour in my mind at night, I can’t eat well sometimes. I find it difficult to communicate with other people, I feel lonely most of the time. when I go back home from work and look at the house where we used to stay together, I feel sad then I break down and cry because am by myself now, no one to share with my ups and down of the day, no one to share with my feelings. It’s an empty space. I still love my ex so much, I miss my ex so bad and I need my ex back into my life, I want my ex by my side again. How can you help me? How can you help me get my ex back?