You found her torn apart, she was heartbroken and she did not believe in love anymore, she did not have trust in any man. After what her ex boyfriend did to her. He made her lose faith in man, he made her loose love for man, he made her regret life, he made her see no purpose of love, it took you time to rebuild her, it took you time to make her love again, it took time to make her believe, love and trust you, it took your energy to make her believe that you different, you won`t to be like her ex boyfriend. It took time to make her forget what happen in her previous relationship. you waited until she heal from her previous bad relationship, You have given her your heart, you have settled in with her, she is the one you want for the rest of your life, she is the one you want to take care of you and to be the mother of your children.

Now why does he show up wanting her back? Why does he want to be friend with her? Why is he forcing his way back into her life? Am sure you’ve had enough fight with her about that ex boyfriend of hers. You have had numerous talks about it and you have told her to stop seeing him but he never listens, so don’t allow him to destroy your relationship, don’t allow her ex boyfriend to destroy your marriage, don’t allow him to take away all you have worked for, don’t allow him to take away the love of your life, don’t allow this ex boyfriend to walk over you, force him to stay away from her with, stay away from your relationship, stay away from your marriage cast the breakup spell to make her ex boyfriend stay away and push that man far away from her.

Break up spell to make her ex boyfriend stay away won’t allow him near her anymore, it will break whatever was going on between them, this break up spell will never let them be lovers, they will never be friend. break up spell to make her ex boyfriend stay away will arose the pain in her that he put her through, everything he did to her will come back again in her heart and mind, this breakup spell will fill her mind with all those bad memories of her and him, it will bring back the exact pain he caused her that led them to breakup, then she will hate him more and never want to see him in her a life again.

You won’t have to fight with her anymore about her ex boyfriend showing up, you won’t have to be scared that he is going to take her away from you, her ex boyfriend will never show up again once you cast the break up spell to make her ex boyfriend stay away.