What is it she wants from him? Why is she contacting him now and then? What is it she wants to talk about with him? Why is she interfering in your relationship? Why is she bothering him while she knows he is with you now? Why is she sending him endless massage and emails? Why is she still in contact with him? Why does she still want to see him all the time? Why is she reminding him of the life they had together with her actions? What is she is trying to prove that she can still take him away from you? Or that she can still have an intimacy with him? even though you exist is she trying to prove that, she can do whatever she wants with him no matter you exist, why is she valuing him now? You’re going to tell me that you don’t know why she is doing all this but she getting on your nerve and there is nothing good at all if she still has a communication with him in any way.

don’t allow her to make you feel low, don’t allow her to exploit your man because he is yours now, she had her chance with him but she never used it why now when he is with you not her, he decide to love you and leave her, now prove to her that he belong to you, prove to her now that she is no longer needed in his life, prove to her that you there to take care of him do a break up spell to make his ex stay away from him

break up Spell to make his ex stay away is strong break of spell that will force his ex vanish for good away from him, it will force her forget about him, it will break all the connection they have been having, it will make your man hate her for good once the spell is cast upon them your man will never want to talk to her again he will never want to see her again, he will have anything to do with her, the spell will create a big gap between them they will never meet again it will make your man change her number so that she never contact him, it will force your man to block her on his social media with this spell your man will give you all his password so that you can check all his activities on the internet

Don’t get headache because of her, don’t get stressed because of her, and don’t compare yourself with her, don’t let her manipulate you with her action, don’t let her make you hate your man so that she can have. him and stop worrying that she is going to take him away from you, she will never have him. She cannot take him away from you, if you do the break up spell to make his ex stay away it will secure your relationship and your man away from her it will keep them apart for good.

Punish her now whip her with the break up spell to make her stay away from your man now

Don’t allow to be a loser, don’t be a rebound, keep him to yourself and don’t let his ex near him, don’t give her any chance. near him, she had her chance with him prove to her that you own him, it now you and him so do the break up spell to. make his ex stay. away from him.