Life has always been a challenge for you, the time you think you have it all and then it all goes away. People around you smile and laugh with you but when things go wrong, no one is there for you. All you hear is then talking about you and laughing at you. Most of them wish you death, focusing all their energy on you, to see you out of this world.

Others don’t wish you well, they do all they can to drag you down and stumble you badly. You have always wanted what is best for your life, but people around you can’t let you have it. You’re were supposed to be rich, have a perfect life, a happy family but problems from nowhere keep on pushing you back.

When you get paid or when you get money, you can’t even tell how quickly finishes up, you can’t even see where it goes or what it did. Money just passes through you. It was not all like that before, you also don’t know what happened. You have tried all you can in your powers to find out what is wrong with you, what is wrong with your life? Everywhere you go it’s a dead end. I am here to help you.

You have tried to seek the wisdom that will unite your knot and to seek the path that demands your whole being. Life always gets harder then you challenge yourself to be stronger but only to break down. Most of the time you have tried to stay close to your feelings even the painful ones to find satisfaction and pleasure in your life buts it’s all hard.

Sometimes it’s hard for you to sleep at night and when you sleep, it’s not a good sleep. You keep on getting bad dreams that set your heart pounding from fear and rapid eye movement. For example, you dream of being chased by someone or something you can’t identify, you dream of snakes. You dream of falling in water or falling endlessly. Sometimes you dream of someone sleeping with you or something pressing you down. Then you try to wake up but you can’t, you try to shout for help the voice can’t come out and you try to fight it but you feel powerless. They are very many wired dreams that leave you with questions without answers. I am still here to help you.

Love problems, love life problems, marriage problems or relationship problems

Your love life, your relationship or marriages keeps on failing. Every time you found the one you love, you get hurt. He or she badly breaks your heart or walkway without telling you why. Sometimes they leave you for someone else. Men just sleep with you then after they want nothing to do with you. Women just fall out of love without any reason. When the one you really love leaves, he/she never come back but the one you don’t love that much keep on asking you back. You feel used and keep on asking yourself why me. However much you try to do everything right and sacrifice what you can to make it work, you end up disappointed and blamed for this and that.

The marriage you used to cherish is now at the edge of breaking up or it’s no more. She or he divorced you, yet there was a promise made” until death separates you” be with you in good and bad times” what happened to those promises? Was it your fault or their fault? I can help you.

You have tried all you can to fix your love life, fix your relationship and to be loved. Nothing is working out besides messing up your love life or relationship more. Life has become hard for you and you feel betrayed. The love of your life let you for someone else, you have tried everything to make him or she come back but nothing is working. He or she left you for some reason or misunderstandings or the love of your love is married to someone else. That’s is the kind of love life your leaving.

I am not here to judge you but to help you overcome those life issues. If any of the issues I have mentioned above describes you or you have a problem similar to what I have briefly described. Don’t hesitate to contact me I will help you.