You can’t leave like that, you can’t happily leave life where someone is following you around, where someone is stalking you around, you can’t live your life happily and enjoy every second of it with someone who can’t leave you alone, you can’t and its annoying because you have told him/her to leave you alone to get out of your life and mind his/her own business but he/she keeps on nagging, harassing you and threatening you. He/she doesn’t want to listen to what you want, disrespects your decision, your upset and don’t know why he/she cant they leave you alone, give you the space you want from him/her, why is she or he threatening your life, whatever he or she do making you hate you life, makes your life miserable.

It becomes worse if it’s your ex lover bothering you when you don’t want, when he/she know very well you no longer want him/her in your life, whatever you had together is over, and you can’t be together anymore but he/she can’t leave you alone and move on with his/her life without you. Stop asking that someone to leave you alone again, order the spells to make someone leave you alone cast it on that someone and force him or her to leave you alone.

Spell to make someone leave you alone is not going to allow him/her near you, it is going to push that someone far away from you, the powers of the spell to make someone leave you alone are going to make him/her acknowledge that you no longer need him or her in your life if he was lover or friend or whoever he/she was to you. Spell to make someone leave you alone is going to make that someone drop and forget whatever reason that makes him/her follow you around, drop whatever reason he/she has for bothering you, spell to make someone leave you alone will force him/her to stop harassing and ruining your life, make your life miserable and the best of all it will force him or her leave you alone as you want him/her too.

Don’t be a victim to someone, enjoy every second of your life without fear of someone threatening your life, if you don’t love him/her any more then he/she must leave you alone without threatening you, without forcing to have your attention, if he/ she can’t leave your alone then order the spell to make someone leave you alone and force him or her to leave you alone so that you enjoy your life.