He doesn’t want to listen to you, he has been stubborn to you all along. Doing everything as he wants, talking to you as he wants and sleeping outside without telling you where he is.

All he does is to spend all his money on things you don’t even know of and he doesn’t want to take care of you.

Zwanamina Muthi A solution for Nosy Friends And Family

Another problem is friends and family influences. They interfere with your relationship or marriage and they tell him what to do and what not to do. Making decisions for him and never take your decision important.

Never do as you tell him. But when his friends or family tell him he takes their decision and leaves yours.

Which means every decision you make in your relationship, he has to first ask his family or friend about it. They decide for him, he never does as you tell him, but he does what they tell him.

Yet you love him with all your heart you and you have done everything you can to change him. You have told him several times to change in the way he treats you.

You have asked him several times to respect you and to respect the decisions you make in your relationship or marriage. It’s like he doesn’t trust you and your decisions.

There have been numerous fights between you and him about other women’s, about going out with friends who are bad company.

Those type of friends who only cause trouble in your relationship. Friends who only want waste his money then laugh at you. Making you look like a fool who can’t control the man you love.

You have had fights about his family having so much control over him and your relationship or marriage. But he is never on your side, which hurts you so much.

How To Make Your Man Listen To You and Only You "Zwanamina Muthi"

But he doesn’t want to listen to you, he doesn’t want to stop involving his family and friends in your relationship or marriage.

Another thing is he doesn’t want to stop seeing that other woman and wont to stop sleeping outside with her.

The communication in your relationship is poor because every time you try to talk to him he gets mad at you and pins everything on you. Then disrespect you and treats you like trash.

It makes you feel that you don’t have any control over him and nothing you can do or say that can change him. Woman, it’s not like that, you have the powers to control your boyfriend, your husband.

You have the power to make him do as you say, to make him listen to only you without any outside influence. Without any interference from his family and friends, you have the power to make him obey you.

Powers to make him fully listen to what you saying and follow it or do it as you want it. Now make him respect you and your decisions.

Stop him from consulting his friends and family about the decisions you make for your relationship.

Get the power to do that by using my zwanamina muthi to give you full control over your stubborn man without any outside interference.

How Zwanamina Muthi Works

zwanamina muthi to give you full control over your stubborn man. It is one kind of muthi that is going to make your man listen to you only without any interference.

If there was or there is someone giving your man bad advice, influencing him in any way. Let it be his family, friends whoever it is, zwanamina muthi will stop him from listening to them.

Stop your man from taking any advice from them, beside you. He is only going to take every decision from you once you use zwanamina muthi on him.

Powers of my zwanamina muthi are going to give you full control over your man. In case he wants to do something, he will explain it all to you before doing it.

He won’t hide any more secret from you. Your man will not talk to you as he wants and do things as he wants. My zwanamina muthi will change him for the best when you use it on him.

After you have used my zwanamina muthi, your man will never consult anyone about your decisions.

The zwanamina muthi is going to make him respect you with all the dignity you deserve. He will dance to your tunes, do as you command or say and love you more than before.

This zwanamina muthi is going to completely improve your communication with him and your relationship. Your man will never have interest in any other woman beside you once you apply zwanamina muthi to give you full control over your stubborn man.

Now stop crying, stop begging and pleading with him to change and listen to you only. It’s time you stop begging him to respect and trust your decision because he won’t.

Instead force him too. Order my zwanamina muthi to give you full control over your man now. Ask Dr. Leo to do it for you or do it with you within 5 days you will see big changes in your man. It will be you in full control over him doing everything as you say it.