Everything you have tried to get her back doesn’t not work , whatever you have tried has pushed her more far away from you, she has got more angry at you and hate you more. Let me tell this now you won’t get her back like that, you can’t make her change her minds about you, you can’t get her love back by keeping on doing what you’re doing, I know whatever you feel for her is real but she can’t believe you after what you did to her, she just can’t believe that you won’t do it again, you won’t hurt her again, or she may be the one who broke up with you for another man or for any other reason causing you un bearable pain, whatever she did to you or whatever you did to her doesn’t matter now, what matters is you want her back, you want the her to love you back again.

then stop whatever you have been doing, stop stalk her, stop calling her now and then every day begging, pleading and asking her to come back in your life, stop sending your friends to talk to her for you, stop it all, you have done enough to show her that you want her back, you have lowered you dignity just to get her back in your life, you have send her enough messages to prove you self that you’re ready to take her back no matter what she did or you sorry for your mistakes now it’s her turn now to go through what exactly you have been going through to get her back.

Make her ask you back, make her want you back so bad, make her begs and pleas for you order the Spell to make her want me back now cast it on her and make her follow you around asking for another chance with you. spell to make her want me back so bad is going to change her mind for you, it’s going to make her strongly feel the need of giving you another chance, it is going to make her do whatever it takes to find you and ask you back in her life just exactly as you would have done or have been doing. Spell to make her want me back so bad is going to make her miss you so bad, now regardless of what went wrong between the two of you or who initiated the breakup, you going to be her first priority in everything and she will be ready to forgive you and move on with you.

now make her come to terms with you, make her give your relationship another go, make her come to you and ask you back, get all her attention, make her look for you, make her beg you back and most of all make the all idea of getting back be hers . order the spell to make her want me back so bad cast it on her and she is going to take you back, love you back, without you doing nothing at all.